Circle of Harmony Aikido was founded by Moylan, Ryan and Keith O Donnell. Moylan began practicing Aikido in Dublin in 1993 as there were no Aikido Clubs in Limerick.
On entering the Dojo perform a standing bow to the Kamiza. The Kamiza is the area of the tatami (mat), which is identified by a photograph of O’Sensei. There should be no shouting, running or inappropriate activity in the dojo (eating food etc) at any time.
Hakama, black or navy pleated pants worn over Keiko-Gi. The seven folds have the many symbolical meanings. At the Circle of Harmony Dojo Hakama may be given to a student when he/she reaches 4th que provided they have earned it through practice.


Circle of Harmony Aikido Club

Circle Of Harmony Aikido Club is a Traditional Aikido Dojo founded in in 1993.
We are affiliated to Alan Ruddock Sensei (6th Dan) RIP, under the Aiki No Michi group. Ruddock Sensei was a direct student of O’Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido

Circle of Harmony Aikido Club

I want considerate people to listen to the voice of Aikido. It is not for correcting others; it is for correcting your own mind.

-Morihei Ueshiba (Aikido Founder) 1883 – 1969

Covid 19 Update
Circle of Harmony Aikido Dojo is closed due to Covid 19 restrictions on gatherings. We will remain closed until further notice. Please check back regularly to be updated

  1. Class is held twice a week. Monday and Thursday 8pm to 10pm.
  2. Beginners are always welcome.
  3. Cost is €40 per Month. We do not have a joining fee. The only other cost is Insurance paid yearly.
  4. Usual dress is Aikido Gi but if you don’t have one a tracksuit will be fine. Quality Aikido Gi are available to buy from Dojo
  5. Weapons are also available to purchase.
  6. Should you require any further info please contact us. All enquiries will be answered.
  7. Now that you are interested come along to watch or better still join a class!!