Aikido Limerick Dojo

Aikido Limerick Dojo have and have had some of the most experienced instructors in the country

aikido limerick

Ken Waters Sensei (Godan – 5th Dan)

has been practicing Aikido for over 15 years. His background in Martial Arts began with Karate which he had studied for a number of years. He began his Aikido training with Moylan Ryan Sensei and Keith O Donnell Sensei- founders of The Circle of Harmony. Ken took over the running of the Circle of Harmony in 2004 when one of the founders Moylan Ryan Sensei moved to the US. Ken received his Shodan from Alan Ruddock Sensei in 2002 at Summer School in Galway. He received Nidan from Moylan Ryan Sensei in 2006. Received Sandan from Alan Ruddock and Henry Kono Senseis in 2010 at Summer school in Galway. Ken has spent a lot of time at various seminars such as Ruddock Sensei, Henry Kono Sensei, Tissier Shihan and more recently Hirohito Saito Shihan. Ken is very open to new ideas and constantly strives to further Aikido in Limerick.

Mike Mc Namara (Yondan – 4th Dan)

Mike started his Aikido training in 2001 with Moylan Ryan Sensei and Ken Waters Sensei. Mike tried various different Arts from Judo to Kempo Karate to Ju-jitsu and tried Wasa-Kai Judo for a while. When he first saw Aikido he found exactly what he had been searching for and the journey began. In 2006 he received his Shodan from Moylan Sensei and also received his teaching certificate. Graded for Nidan in 2010 with Alan Ruddock and Henry Kono Senseis at Summer school in Galway. Mike has also studied with Ruddock Sensei many times. He also attended courses with John Rogers Sensei, Henry Kono Sensei, Christian Tissier Sensei and Hirohito Saito Sensei. Mike also takes care of the day to day running of the dojo.

Technical Director and dojo founder- Moylan Ryan (Roykodan – 6th Dan)

Moylan began his martial arts training with the study of Karate in 1975. Over the years his pursuit of self development and growth through the study of ‘Budo’ has brought him on many diverse journeys. His interest in conflict resolution created the opportunity for Aikido to find him in 1993. Since then he has sought teaching from many high level instructors worldwide. Moylan currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where he regularly teaches the Art of Aikido and maintains a body centered psychotherapy practice.

Alan Ruddock Sensei 6th Dan Aiki no Michi

Alan Ruddock

Alan Ruddock Sensei started Aiki no Michi the group which the dojo is affiliated to. Alan began his martial arts training many years ago in Dublin and was a pioneer of martial arts in Ireland. Having spent many years in Karate and Judo Alan discovered Aikido and was so driven to learn that he left Ireland and travelled to Japan to study with O’ Sensei. He felt very strongly that he needed to be at the source of Aikido and learn from O’ Sensei. To travel to Japan is an undertaking nowadays but in the 1960s it was a major undertaking. Alan studied under many Shihan for over three years in Japan where he gained a real insight into O’ Sensei’s Aikido. The path he began all those years ago he faithfully follows today with his friend from that time Henry Kono Sensei. Alan shows Aikido the way the founder practiced and will open any Aikidoka’s mind should they be willing to learn. Alan is based in The Isle of Man and regularly gives course in Ireland and Europe. He had also written a book entitled Aikido Memoirs by Alan Ruddock: One Irishman’s lifetime search for the answer to the mystery of Morihei Ueshiba’s Aikido. This book gives a fascinating insight to life in Japan learning Aikido from O’ Sensei and the masters and contains many wonderful rare photos taken by Henry Kono. A must read for anyone interested in Aikido. We at The Circle of Harmony are honoured to be part of Aiki no Michi and value Alan’s input, knowledge and the fascinating insight he has to offer everyone.
R.I.P to our friend and teacher who passed away 2/4/2012, Alan Ruddock Sensei 6th Dan Aiki no Michi
“Though the journey has ended on this Earth the destination carries on in all of us”. Thank you Alan for everything!!